Chapter Sisterhood

Sisterhood is what makes our chapter (and our fraternity) so strong. It's more than the letters we wear around campus- it's a perpetual bond we all share. It's about counting on others and being counted on to make a difference. It's knowing you'll always have someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, or a standing dinner date. We love to kick off the year with our chapter retreat- a day of fun, relaxation, and hanging with our sisters. This day is all about quality time for our chapter.


Every month we also have a sisterhood event, Deltas Only. The activity is different every time but we always have fun! Everything from our rituals, to our work for St. Jude, to our social events all come together to add to the experiences that create lifelong friendships and memories.  

We don't just talk about our sisterhood, we live it every day. From the official chapter events to the little everyday moments we share with each other, our sisterhood is one grows stronger every day and will last a lifetime.